At the age of 14, I began raising deer, foxes, turkeys, fish, ducks, peacocks, chickens, and  a raccoon. Over the years I’ve become an avid hunter, fisherman, and trapper. My love of animals and the outdoors became the determining factor for my occupational choice-taxidermy.
In 2006, I attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy located in Ebensburg, PA. While there I received over 920 hours of hands-on-training in mounting mammals, birds, and fish. During my eight months at P.I.T , I completed 22 mounts including everything from a small bluegill to a lifesize black bear. My curriculum also included several hours of business classes to help in setting up and managing my taxidermy business.

Raising my own animals allows me to see the finer details that can’t be noticed by reference photos alone. It also gives me the opportunity to take my own reference photos from different angles.
Thanks for visiting my website and please consider Afterlife for Wildlife Studio for your future taxidermy needs. It would be an honor to bring your next trophy back to life.
Zachary Pennington-Wildlife Artist

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Breakthrough Magazine Articles

My two part article on mounting a red eared slider can be found in the spring issue #113 and summer issue #114